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Myall Creek Memorial Newsletter
Note: Professor Henry Reynolds has had to withdraw as speaker in person but will adress us through a webinar on the Friday. This year’s speaker is Professor Lyndall Ryan.

Dear FriendsThe Friends of Myall Creek Memorial thank you for your interest and support as we celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Myall Creek Massacre Memorial, dedicated in 2000 to the memory of the 28 Wirrayaraay people murdered at Myall Creek on the 10th June 1838.This newsletter goes to all mailing list subscribers including our valued members. From this year onward, we would like to invite our members to annually renew to keep our records up to date. We would also like to invite our mailing list subscribers to become members if they so wish. Membership is free, however, we invite Members to become financial Supporters if they would like to assist the Friends of Myall Creek Memorial Inc. by making a tax deductible donation of $20. This financial support is needed because the number of people gathering for the commemoration has grown over the years, and therefore the expenses have also grown. Please complete the form at this link to renew or join as a Member, or to become a Supporter of the Friends of Myall Creek Memorial Inc.For those new to the Myall Creek Massacre Memorial commemoration, each year on the Sunday of the long weekend in June, hundreds of people, including many school communities, gather to acknowledge this dark page in our nation’s history and to commit themselves to healing the wounds of the past in order to create a more just and fairer society.After our virtual gathering last year, we are thankful that we are able to once again meet in person on Gomeroi country on Sunday, 13 June this year, for the commemoration gathering we hold at Myall Creek. As usual, we will commence the proceedings at the Myall Creek Memorial Hall at 9am for a 9:30am start and then walk up the hill to the new cultural performance space where there will be a smoking ceremony and we will hear from Prof Henry Reynolds about the Frontier Conflicts. We will then walk down the Memorial path to the Memorial rock for the usual ceremony. When we return to the Myall Creek Memorial Hall the awards for the Thoughts and Dreams competition will be announced and you are welcome to purchase lunch prepared by the Myall Creek CWA. Members and Supporters are welcome to attend the AGM at the end of the day, from 3pm.We therefore invite you to join us on the land of the Gomeroi people to whom we pay our respect for their Culture, and to their Elders’ past, present and emerging. The National and NSW State heritage listed Memorial is an icon for the frontier violence and dispossession that occurred right across the continent and Tasmania.Through sharing in this simple but moving commemoration, we acknowledge also the ongoing impact for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people of the dispossession of their lands, and the benefits gained by non-indigenous people from this dispossession.
We also hope you can join us for ‘Sounds of Country’, a free concert on Saturday 12 June to officially open the new cultural performance place at the Myall Creek Memorial precinct at the corner of Whitlow Road and Delungra Road, Myall Creek. The concert will commence at 1pm and finish by 4pm. Food can be purchased from 12pm. Roger Knox and Euraba, Radical Son, the Buddy Knox Blues Band, the Gomeroi Dancers, the Ngambaa Dhalaay Dancers and the Tingha Nucoorilma Dancers will all be performing at the concertSincerely yours,Keith Munro and Ivan RobertsCo-Chairs, National CommitteeFriends of Myall Creek Memorial Inc.
** Other ways you can participate…Hear Prof Henry Reynolds speak at UNE, Armidale at 2 pm on Friday, 11 June. Booking details to follow in a subsequent email.————————————————————Join with us in this reconciliation journey by:Inviting students to submit a creative work for our Thoughts ‘n’ Dreams – art, writing and song schools competition.The theme this year is Caring for Country Starts with Me.Taking a virtual sound-tour of the MemorialSee below for more details.————————————————————“Caring for Country Starts with Me”This year, our annual Thoughts ‘n’ Dreams competition can be entered either physically or virtually with digital entries.The Friends of Myall Creek Memorial Committee invite all school children, from Kindergarten to Year 12, to participate in the 13th annual Thoughts ‘n’ Dreams student art, writing and song competition.Join hundreds of other school kids from across Australia to say NO to racism and YES to treating everyone with respect and understanding
Be as creative as you would like. Write an essay, short story or a poem. Create a song, dance a performance or make an artwork, painting or sculpture. Any and all mediums are acceptable, though this year, we need you to make a virtual copy for us.All work, audio and artwork are to be digitised and emailed to by Monday 31 May 2021. No late entries will be accepted.Your email needs to also include the following information:1. Name of student2. Age3. Schooling year4. School name5. Telephone numberJudgingJudges will choose three finalists in each of the four categories.The judges’ decision will be final.The winning entries will be announced at the Myall Creek Hall on Sunday 13 June 2021, at the conclusion of Myall Creek commemoration ceremony.
** Take a Virtual Sound Tour of Myall Creek MemorialA free Soundtrails App is available that brings the Myall Creek Memorial to life.Download the app onto your smart phone or tablet, see yourself on a GPS map and explore the rich mix of memories, voices, myths and archival footage.1. Download the app via ( Download the Myall Creek Soundtrail3. Put on your headphones and take the virtual walking tour.
** Annual General MeetingThe Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the Friends of Myall Creek has always been held as part of our Annual Gathering and this year will be held 3pm on Sunday 13 June 2021.
** Please help us share the Myall Creek story, with your family, friends and networks.Go to www.myallcreek.orgFacebook (
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