Ghosts of Wirrayaraay people massacred

were recorded in lead pencil,

faded photographs, hidden journals,

faded rock art, brush strokes.

Now those left behind through

history’s trails remember

today the 180th anniversary.

This memorial and fragments

pierced together, hard work

portray history’s shame

endeavouring to enlighten

encourage understanding

letting memories exist

in future’s dusk.

A busy world

does not know a moment

where all stood still,

now time to stand still

remember, the terrifying

fear of unknown attack,

the silent echoes of fear.

Pathways to remembrance

need many avenues

the dreamtime,

the event,

physical location, memorials,

the journeys of kindred spirits 

uniting as one

we remember them. 

(c)  JULIE BUTLER  19.4.18