About Friends of Myall Creek

The Friends of Myall Creek raise awareness of the Myall Creek Massacre, to understand better the truth of our shared history.

Friends of Myall Creek embraces all of us in the journey of reconciliation between Aboriginal and other Australians.

There is an elected national committee, half Aboriginal, half other, where the Aboriginal voice has the final word.There are also Friends of Myall Creek groups in Sydney and Armidale, open to all (why not start your own – see below).

Though only one of the many massacres of the Frontier Wars, Myall Creek was the only time those responsible were charged and hung, the court records irrefutable evidence of not just this massacre but also how commonplace massacres were.

Its unique place in our history was acknowledged by the building of a Myall Creek Memorial at the site, unveiled on 10th June 2000. 

Phase two consisting of a cultural space with an amphitheatre, Aboriginal garden and upgraded facilties was completed in 2021.

Phase three, the world class educational and cultural centre, has DA approval and is awaiting funding.

The Federal and NSW State Governments have added the site to their National Heritage Lists. Myall creek is an accredited charity, and an audited body with tax deductible status.

A commemoration is held annually at the site each June long weekend. Why not join us?

 NBN News clip for 2018 commemoration (1:21)

Why not set up a Myall Creek Friends group in your area?

In 2003, the Sydney Friends of Myall Creek was set up to help tell the story. We were not many, but the few working together we found can be amazingly effective.

How to set up a group

All that is need is for someone to be the link person. Their name(s) can then be put on the website, with contact details.
The charter for Friends Groups is at all times to support and be accountable to the National Committee. Part of this is to give feedback and offer suggestions.

SYDNEY     Graeme Cordiner (02) 9817 0288  E gscordiner@hotmail.com

ARMIDALE  Uncle Steve Widders 0411 609 041 E dugan1955@bigpond.com